The images below were taken at a fostering and adoption event held at Eden boys school on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

Masha Allah there was a fantastic turnout with over 75 people attending, secretary of the MWI (Moulana) Hanif opened the evening with a  very warm welcome to all and representatives of LCC addressed the audience on the need for foster carers and adopters and the criteria for approval, it was very sad to hear that approximately every 20 minutes a child is take into care by LCC, that`s 3 children every hour. The audience was captivated by the accounts of 2 foster carers and 3 adopters, their hands on live experience of fostering and adopting children was very emotional and touching, many sisters were close to tears.


Image 1 shows an adopter Rizwana addressing the audience

Image 2 shows Rizwana’s account which brought everyone very close to tears

image 3 shows Rizwana and on her right Kevin Goosey and Hazel Whybro from LCC

image 4 shows Gary Pickles practice manager of LCC addressing the audience.

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