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Projects 2013/2014

3 reps visited in February 2014

Maktab project

A new building consisting of 4 classrooms  has been constructed at Sarkhez in Ahmedabad at a cost of £5,000 donated by a family of Bolton, our reps visited here on Wednesday 12th February.

Orphan sponsorship

We are sponsoring 300 orphans at present, our reps met with a number of orphans` families and also personally visited some of the houses, majority of them just consist of one room and are located within the Joparpattis (mud huts) of Ahmedabad and surrounding areas.

We are now sponsoring 302 orphans in India, at a cost of £180 per orphan for 12 months, this amount is providing a lifeline to many families who have lost their breadwinner.

Dialysis Machines

There are 25 dialysis machines now at the Haji Ismail Hospital, our reps visited here on Thursday 13th February and met with a  number of patients, dialysis services are provided free to needy patients. (few photos)

Cataract Operations

One of our main medical projects is cataract operations, our reps met with a number of patients at the Shifa Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad. (few photos)

Special Cases

The MWI allocates funding annually for the medical treatment of patients who cannot manage the costs, our reps met with a few patients on Friday 14th February, a deaf & mute child was one of them who after treatment has regained 40% hearing and speech. (few photos)


One of the highlights of the visit was the opening of Masjid-e-Sakina at Charrodi approx 40 kms from Ahmedabad, financed by a family of Preston at a cost of £27,000 the Masjid is beautifully constructed, opening ceremony took place with Maghrib Salaah on Friday 14th February. (few photos)

> Masjid-e-Noorul Islam Blackburn donates £6,000 for cataract operations in India.

> Masjid-e-Ibrahim (AS) in Bihar is reaching a successful completion, financed by a  family of Blackburn for £10,000, Please CLICK HERE to view the photos.

> The opening of Masjid-e-Hidayah in the village of Loni in Maharashtra India took place on Saturday 14th September after Asr Salaah and jalsa on Sunday 15th September, Masjid financed by a family of Blackburn UK.

Please CLICK HERE to view latest photos.

> Construction of Masjid-e-Noorani in the Sundarban area of West Bengal is coming along very well, cost: £9,000. 

> New Masjid construction has started at the village of Panchha in the Mehsana District, financed by a family of Bolton UK Masjid-e-Yakub (AS) will cost £12,000.   

> Masha Allah another Masjid construction has come to a successful completion, financed by a family of Blackburn for the iysalis thawab of their marhumah mother Masjid-e-Ayesha (RA) in the Alwar City of Rajasthan is now fully completed at a cost of £7,000, for latest photos please click here

> It is very pleasing to report that a family of Preston recently visited a number of our projects in India and have committed to the construction of a Masjid in the village of Charrodi approx. 40 kms from Ahmedabad and have also committed to the financing of one dialysis machine, more updates will follow shortly on both projects IA.

> Group Wedding programme for 162 couples took place on on Sunday 3rd March 2013, Financed by MWI, Masjid-e-Anisul Islam and Tauheedul Relief Trust, Blackburn, please click here to see the video.

> Masjid-e-Yusuf (AS) in Alwar Rajasthan reaches a successful completion, family of Bolton UK attended the opening ceremony on Sunday 27th January 2013, cost: £12,000.

 > Masjid-e-Fatimah (RA) is under construction at Jodhpur in Rajasthan, financed by a family of Leicester UK the Masjid is expected to be completed by May 2013, cost £9,000.