Named in the memory of Hazrat Zayd (R.A.), our orphanage at Begumpur in Gazipur is having a first floor constructed, this will increase the capacity of the orphans to 30 and will also allow more room for the orphans as they grow up.  Work was in full flow
during our assessment visit to Gazipur on Sunday 27th February 2011 and it is estimated that the work will be completed by Ramadhan 2011 I.A. The complete construction of the orphanage as well as running costs are financed by a family of the Midlands, may The Almighty reward them in abundance for their generosity towards orphans, Ameen.


Named in memory of Hazrat Zayd (R.A.) who was adopted by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), `Friends of Zayd (R.A.)` is our first orphanage constructed in the village of Begampur in the Gazipur District. Construction work commenced during the year 2004 and the orphanage was officially opened in March 2005.

The orphans are looked after by staff, who are employed full time at the orphanage. All of the orphans are from such families where the mother is so poor that she cannot provide for her child, hence the need to place him in the orphanage. There are also 2 orphans who have lost both their parents.

This orphanage is being run under the supervision of our partner organisation IMPB and the total cost of construction which amounted to £16,000 was donated by one family of the UK who have also taken the responsibility of financing the annual running costs which comes to approx. £8,000.