Education Programmes


Gazipur District:

The situation in Bangladesh is such that many hundreds of thousands of families live in rural areas where there are no facilities to acquire education. If facilities are available nearby, then due to poverty it is unaffordable by the majority. With this in mind, the M.W.I. has initiated a Education Programme through which children & adults alike are provided with free religious & basic secular education on a regular basis

One such area is the Gazipur District, approx. 40kms from the capital Dhaka. Many welfare & relief projects are ongoing in the Gazipur District, thanks to the efforts of our partner organisation in Bangladesh, The Islahul Muslimeen Parishad, a registered NGO working for the betterment of the people of Bangladesh.

Under the supervision of the IMPB, we are running 25 of these Free Education Classes in various villages within the Gazipur District where approx. 1250 children attend a one and half hour session 6 times a week, course duration is 1 year during which the children, together with the necessary Islamic Education are taught the Bangla. language and basic mathematics

As well as education for the children, adult classes are also organised as part of this project, the males attend a one-hour class 3 times a week and the females attend once weekly for one hour.

Kishoregonj District:

Another district of Bangladesh is Kishoregonj, which is divided into 2 areas, Tarail Upzila & Karimgonj Upzila. Once again, the condition of the families is very similar to that of Gazipur

Under the supervision of the IMPB, we have set up 50 Free Education Classes in Tarail Upzila and 50 Free Education Classes in Karimgonj Upzila.

Approx. 5000 children and 2500 adults are attending these classes, the timings of the classes, frequency & syllabus is similar to the Gazipur Project

Total cost for the 125 Classes is approx. £53,125, which pays for the salaries of the 125 Teachers, 3 Supervisors, 1 Programme Officer, 1 Accountant, all the Books & Stationary and all administration costs. This works out at £425 per Class, we do prefer Lillah donations towards this Project, however, as all the beneficiaries are poor, Zakaah & Sadaqah will suffice.