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Eid Packs – Ramadhan 2014

MWI HAS DISTRIBUTED NEARLY 8000 EID PACKS IN RAMADHAN 2014. MWI has managed to distribute around 8000 Eid packs in very remote areas to very needy people in Albania, Bangladesh and India, by the grace of Almighty many poor children, men and women benefited from the distribution. Please click on the...

Iftaar packs – Ramadhan 2014

By the grace of  the Almighty MWI has distributed five thousand Iftaar packs in Albania, Bangladesh and India.   Please click on the countries  to view the photos   ALBANIA ———  BANGLADESH ———— INDIA   YOU CAN DONATE YOUR ZAKAAH, SADAQAH AND LILLAH, TO DONATE PLEASE CLICK HERE.

In Focus 2013-2014

Our annual In-Focus magazine which highlights all our projects for the last 12 months and looks ahead over the next year. Please CLICK HERE to download

Latest projects videos 2013-2014

You can now view all our latest project videos for 2013-2014 Please click on the following links ALBANIA PROJECTS 2013-2014 BANGLADESH PROJECTS 2013-2014 INDIA PROJECTS 2013-2014

Unity June 2014

Please click below to download our latest Unity magazine. Unity June 2014

Hand pumps – Bangladesh

200  hand pumps installed within the last two years. Total coming to a staggering 200 hand pumps in the most poorest areas of Bangladesh. Please CLICK HERE to view the photos.

Masaajid Renovation Project

MWI has renovated number of Masaajids in various parts of Albania during the last 12 months. This project was sponsored by a family from London and a family from Dewsbury. May the Almighty reward them in this world and the hereafter, Ameen. Please CLICK HERE to view all the latest photos.  

New residential Madrasah

It is very pleasing to report that construction work at our second residential establishment in Albania is now completed,  This project is financed by a family of Dewsbury, UK. I.A we intend to have this running around September 2014. For full details please CLICK HERE.  

Zakaah & Sadaqah Fund

Your general Zakaah & Sadaqah donations are always welcome, they are utilised for various projects in Albania, Bangladesh & India.

Donation Methods

You may donate on line by transferring your donations into our accounts or you could choose the Paypal option. If you use Paypal, we would humbly request you to add on £1.50 to every £100 you donate as Paypal will be charging administration costs to the MWI, alternatively you...