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Masjid-e-Fatimah (R.A – Bangladesh

MASJID-E-FATIMAH (R.A) Construction work of Masjid-e-Fatimah (RA) is progressing very well, this project is financed by a family of Lancaster.  

Masjid-e-Adam (A.S) , India

Construction work of Masjid-e-Adam (AS) progressing very well, this project is financed by a family of Bolton  

Masjid-e-Sadiya, India

Masjid-e-Sadiya Construction work of Masjid-e-Sadiya progressing financed by a family of Batley. Photos will be available soon  

Madina Masjid, India

Madina Masjid Construction work of Madina Masjid progressing very well, this is financed by a family of London Photos will be available soon.

Masjid-e-Fatimah (R.A) Maharashtra, India

The construction of Masjid-e-Fatimah (R.A) in Maharashtra, India is coming on very well, Financed by a family of Bately, May almighty reward the family in abundance, Ameen. Please CLICK HERE to view the photos

Blackburn Schools pumpout cash

St James primary school and Brookhouse primary school in Blackburn raise over £3,500 for 25 handpumps in Bangladesh.    

Education Classes – Albania

Education Classes – Albania

MWI is running 50 education classes in various parts of Albania, Approximately 1000 students benefit from the weekly classes,  the students are taught by local Albanian teachers who have gone through various teaching programmes and they also attend our training courses on a monthly basis. This project has progressed from strength to...

Hand pumps – Bangladesh

Hand pumps – Bangladesh

Providing water is a great means of Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity), the donor continues to receive rewards and blessings as long as the facilities remain. “When a man dies his actions come to an end except for three: an ongoing charity; knowledge that benefits others or pious offspring who...

Latest projects videos 2014-2015

You can now view all our latest project videos for 2014-2015 Please visit our video section to view the latest videos. ALL VIDEOS

Donation Methods

Your general Zakaah & Sadaqah donations are always welcome, they are utilised for various projects in Albania, Bangladesh & India. You may donate on line by transferring your donations into our accounts or you could choose the Paypal option. If you use Paypal, we would humbly request you to...